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Sonya Bachra-Byrne

Founder & Creative Director

// Born In New York

Moving in 2005 to work under Junko Yoshioka, New York gave birth to the idea of AVIE. The texture and strength of the city gave rise to the structured quality of fabrics within the brand

// Nurtured in Catalonia

While working and living in the heart of Barcelona, Sonya immersed herself the city’s intricate beauty of details which seeped into AVIE’s brand identity.

// Developed in Scandinavia

Scandinavia developed AVIE, absorbing the minimalistic aesthetic, crafting AVIE into a rounded concept.

 // Matured in Australia

The modern finishes and forward outlook of Australia matured AVIE into a fully functioning brand. AVIE just needed its home to be introduced to the world.

// Launched in Britain

Designed and launched in Britain, AVIE encompassed all the factors of Sonya’s journey in her career, presenting a sustainable outerwear collection made from the finest Italian fabrics and European craftsmanship for the empowerment of women.

Liam Nathan Byrne

Art Director

// Precision

Spending 9 years working alongside the finest architects and engineers throughout the UK.

Crafting his skills in engineering to ensure it was second nature to observe how the world is designed and constructed with precision.

// Creative

Moving into Photography & Film, for the last 8 years he applied his skills of attention to detail and creativity.

Working with numerous independent and established fashion brands to create campaigns, lookbooks, and films throughout Europe, America, and Australia.



Our Standards & Ethics

We maintain a ‘Slow Fashion’ identity ensuring an ethical and quality driven production process // Two capsule collections focus AVIE’s direction on a luxurious compact collection of the finest Italian fabrics from sustainable sources and the quality of European craftsmanship.