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We came, we saw, we…..are on table 26?....we’ve no chance!

We came, we saw, we…..are on table 26?….we’ve no chance!

Shock and excitement flashed across my body the day I found out; only 9 months into the AVIE journey and we had been nominated for a Drapers Independent Award for ‘Best Emerging Brand of 2019’

In the middle of designing the next collection; meeting buyers; presenting our current collection; we cleared a day in the calendar, filled up the car and headed for a quick trip to London in our Sunday Best. It was truly amazing to be nominated, just to be on Drapers or the industry’s radar was a huge step in the AVIE journey.

Earlier that year while presenting our debut collection at Scoop International, Grace Whelan ventured over to our modest rail and booth to learn more about AVIE or ethos and discover our collection. We later found out that Grace worked for Drapers Online and that she had added us to the list of ‘Brands to Watch in 2019’. It was our first ever piece of press which started the ball rolling with other domestic press in Yorkshire.

It’s mini moments like this which actually make huge difference in the early stages of any company.

Meandering out of Moorgate Station we reached the stunning venue ‘The Brewery’, London and we were greeted by the gent in a top hat. We bumped into few friends and store owners; had a couple of champagnes; before settling at table 26 which ended in new friendships, fun times and lots of laughs.

As the first awards were announced there was two winners from table 26… there was no chance we could win now, our odds were falling.

Then it came to the award for ‘Best Emerging Brand 2019’…..and what do you know……they said AVIE. Surprise, shock and many more emotions followed, a quick photo and handshakes, before we ran back to our seats. So much fun. 🙂 

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