Sunshine & Simplicities

Knutsford Highstreet

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With a new outlook on life and its beautiful simplicities, it could be the perfect time to put down those phones, laptops, mini-series and go for a walk in the sunshine and visit the local independent boutiques.

The sun shining, life is resuming, is this the time to enjoy the simplicities of life.

The easing of lockdown brings forth a fresh horizon and future for us all. The 15th June allows us to venture out from our hibernating hollows and say hello to our familiar faces from the high-street. 

Over the last decade, it has become apparent of an underlining epidemic that has sneaked up upon us all – Time Poverty – individuals do not have enough time for rest and leisure after considering the time spent working, searching for internet ‘deals’, tagging, posting, selfies, and now even tik-tok’ing (I doubt that is a verb yet).

If lockdown has taught us anything, it is to enjoy the simplicity of life again. Whether it be blowing off the film of dust and delving into that novel; rediscovering the joys, pitfalls and savagery of the monopoly battlefield; or just those gentle moments in the sun, listening to the songbirds play natures concerto.

Along with our new outlook on life and its beautiful simplicities, it could be the perfect time to put down those phones, laptops, mini-series and go for a walk, visit the local independent boutiques (keeping those 2 meters apart, of course). Meet some new faces and let them reignite your curiosity of the local high-street. This period has changed us all, and it might be time for a new ‘normal’ a new ‘you’ and a new future.

We believe now is the time to support our high-street. In light of so many small or independent businesses needing support, we all have the choice where to shop and who we trust and want to see thrive and/or survive. To fall in love with local or British made products and leave behind the sweat pants and slip into stylish items again. Next time you head into your local fashion boutique, take your time, find items you love, a wardrobe to wear season after season…quality over quantity forever.

It is in our hands to make a positive change for our future; we all have a new perspective of life that may fast forward a new age of fashion, the concept of ‘shopping’ and hopefully a resurgence in our local communities and high-streets. Reminiscent of our childhood – for those who grew up in the 80’s & 90’s. Balancing the new horizon of life, with a hybrid of a digital future with analog simplicities might underpin the profile of the retail landscape.

We like the sound of it. How about you?

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