Born in New York Nurtured in Catalonia Developed in Scandinavia Matured in Australia …Launched in Britain

“We lived in New York, fell in love in Catalonia, discovered our style in Denmark; & found ourselves in Australia.”

The AVIE journey encompasses a global style of Sonya & Liam was founded in 2019.

AVIE is a contemporary, luxury slow fashion label dedicated to creating elevated, stylish, investment pieces for desk to dinner versatility. The duo’s mutual creative sensibility grounds itself in curating powerful pieces infused with feminine tones, with effortless edge & sophistication.

The AVIE woman is a trailblazer, pushing boundaries & making her mark in the world.

‘A VIE – For Life’

As we are as a label, we are as a team ‘For Life’.


Sonya moved to New York in 2005 working for Junko Yoshioka a couture bridal and evening-wear label in Soho, NYC. Crafting couture creations for coveted red-carpet events such as The Academy Awards, The Golden Globes; worn by Demi Moore, Jessica Alba & Helen Hunt.

Sonya continued her career in Mayfair, London to refine her aesthetic before foreign shores came calling again. Headhunted to work in Barcelona, she was able to adopt a new language both in speech and design, falling in love with Barcelona’s beautiful culture, architecture, and passion.

"...I needed a wardrobe that gave the strength to walk into any room and stand tall..."

our story, Sonya working at Junko's in 2005
our story, Sonya working late in 2012 while working in Denmark

The end of 2011 brought a new challenge in Denmark, which became Sonya & Liam’s home for 4 years. The minimalist ethos and effortless lifestyle became intrinsically entwined into the AVIE DNA creating a fundamental layer.

Furthering her knowledge and expertise their journey took them to Turin, Italy, followed by Melbourne, Australia; enabling Sonya to become Head of Design for a number of established labels in both hemispheres. Sonya along with Liam finally coalesce their mutual love for the creative arts to launch AVIE.


Liam’s unconventional start into Fashion & Art Direction stemmed from his Civil Engineering background and architectural influences. Leading him to work on the many prestigious projects; most notable the 2012 London Olympics working alongside prominent Architects and Structural Engineers

"...for me, it's all about telling a story that promotes inner and outer confidence..."

Liam & Sonya with the rest of the crew celebrating our first nomination for our short film
Liam in the photography studio for bestseller in 2012

Liam’s appreciation of conceptual art quickly enticed him into the visual arts of acting, cinematography and independent film. Working with the intricacies of lighting, composition & storytelling navigated him to create fashion campaigns, lookbooks and branding films throughout Europe and NYC and Australia. Liam’s expertise of film making and lighting, led him and Sonya to direct and produce a number of international nominated independent short films together.


The like-minded duo combined their knowledge and AVIE was forged, reflecting their knowledge of a worldwide journey & experience to give birth to a season-less concept of Luxury Slow Fashion.  

In the first year of launching their debut collection was selected as Drapers ‘Brand to Watch for 2019’; later that year were nominated and won the category for ‘Best Emerging Brand of the Year 2019 by Drapers.

This is only the beginning and much more is yet to come, they are honoured and humbled to have the chance to make their dreams and passions into reality. 

our story, sonya and liam celebrating their friends wedding in Italy sat in a wheelbarrow