NEW Find your Perfect AVIE Size

We have introduced a new measurement and sizing solution on our site, provided by Aistetic.

With your gender, height and weight, the application and service is able to measure and determine the right AVIE size for the particular garment you are interested in purchasing. Once you have completed the scan, you can select your size and complete the purchase. For further information, please contact [email protected]

Find my Size


AVIE’s design philosophy is to create true-to-size beautiful pieces for real bodies.

We endeavour to align with today’s modern body shape through our design and manufacturing process. However, some items can be slightly slimmer in fitting due to the construction of the design and the fabrics.

As our small business grows, we will strive to improve all our sizing while having ongoing customer feedback; so we can continue to strengthen our product offering for you

GDPR & Privacy

We take GDPR and privacy seriously. This new digital sizing service asks for your consent to take, and process the video and your data.

Without this consent, the service cannot be provided. The data is secured and stored. Please find a link to the privacy policy here: Should you have a question on this, please email [email protected]


Why could the size recommendation be not what I expected?

The service recommends your size using the measurements from the app provided you have followed the instructions wearing skin tight clothing. These measurements are then used to match and recommend the right AVIE size for you taking into account the design and intended fit of the garment. This may be different to what you expect as AVIE sizing & fit is unique. We have found some garments require a smaller and size to ensure the correct and intended fit.

Why is the measurement shown in the app different from the measurement when I measure myself?

The measurement difference is often caused by different poses, and different paths on the body. From Aistetic’s analysis and experience, if a user measures him or herself it’s often hard to follow a tailor’s standard. i.e. when the user measures the chest, the measure path is often too tilted or too tight. This can create differences in measurements of +-5cm (2 inches). Aistetic’s measurements are checked on large group of people scanned by a highly accurate 3D scanner. The dataset itself represents the U.K population across BMI, age, gender. Aistetic achieve 98% measurement accuracy with this group of people.

What happens to the video & data?

The data and video are stored and encrypted securely in Aistetic’s server and shared with AVIE The data is depersonalised using a unique identifier (no name, or email so not recognsiable) and used to further develop the service and improve AVIE’s sizing. For information on privacy, please see here: Alternatively, please email [email protected].