Our approach to ‘luxury slow fashion’ design is to create beautiful pieces that we ‘love’.

Season-less in style with longevity, we purposefully do not chase trends. Instead we focus on high quality craftsmanship, working with intricate details, flattering silhouettes and luxury eco-friendly natural fibres creating stylish investment pieces.

Our AVIE soul is in the heart of each piece created, fuelled by our endless curiosity in the initial thoughtful design process.

Through intricate sketching, experimenting with modern lines, tailoring and femininity, fused into pieces, boosting your powerful self.

We take care to work with the upmost quality, first toiling garments to carefully review and evolve, before we approved the final pieces.

When you wear AVIE pieces, we want you to feel special.

AVIE Principles

Based on the highest standard of ethics and professionalism as an independent label, we strive to protect the environment and to do our part where we can.

To be eco-friendly when sourcing naturally derived fabrications, adopting processes like the ‘chemical management 4 sustainability’ that limit the usage chemicals and utilizing less harmful digital printing methods instead of traditional printing, therefore being kinder to the environment with a positive impact.

We partner with responsible UK & European suppliers and factories who are aligned with our vision and are ethical in their practices. Who provide good working conditions, support, and fair-pay to their craftspeople for their skill and expertise.

As we evolve ‘AVIE World’ by working with the fantastic local talent and provide luxury slow fashion for everyone in the UK and beyond.

Sonya sketches the tailored coat design in black and white