A pastiche to our childhood and the symbolism of powerful women. The 80’s power shoulders, bold stand-out-from- the-crowd statements prints; exuding an air of confidence that carried you, and gave inner strength for any occasion.

The Retro-grade Collection pays homage to that nostalgia; enhancing its core elements and bringing it forward to the modern age. Structural puffed sleeves & ruching elements for controlling various degrees of volume.

Modified mini-geo patterns representing subtle strength; to contrast bold statement prints, the juxtaposition of structured lines & feminine curves that are all carefully curated to forge delicate yet powerful confidence for the modern woman.

The retro-grade collection is an extension of that power to express to the world. A collection that encapsulates movement, boldness, feminine beauty for that desk to dinner versatility.

Sonya Bachra-Byrne working in the studio with her assistant