Parisian rooftops in black and white

Paris Fashion Week

A collection of creatives, spectacular city & a plethora of events.

A collection of creatives, spectacular city & a plethora of events.

Starting any business is always a challenge in any time period. You will be tested beyond belief and discover a fight and resolve that you never thought you had.

However, every so often you will meet fellow creatives on a similar journey – some a little further along the path and some just starting out.

Just over a month has passed since we presented our AW20 collection at AQ-Market in Paris. It’s a massive step forward for AVIE and amazing to be a part of Paris Fashion Week. It allowed us to meet numerous buyers and stylists from around the world who are searching for new & exciting designers.

There is one thing that we love about Fashion Week above anything else…The creatives that flood the city and effortlessly ooze their creative flair.

Photographers, stylists, buyers, designers, artists and many more flaunting their talents. It is a sight to behold.

One evening out quickly turned into two nights out on the bounce, a rarity for us. Along with the showrooms and catwalks to attend, the city also turns into a hotbed of pop-up stores and events tailored for all fashion tastes.

Journalist and Stylist ‘Tania Tuka’ launched an epic pop-up store in the heart of Paris showcasing a wealth of talent from a group of Romanian designers.

We loved meeting and speaking with creatives with a drive and passion similar to our own.

Day to day found us in the beautiful environment of the showroom; tucked down one of the stunning streets of Le Marais. (The only place to be in Paris).

The showroom was brimming with fantastic designers and most importantly warm and friendly people. It was so much fun to chat, discuss and discover one another’s journeys in life and fashion. – the daily wine intake facilitated some epic stories and many laughs.

…plus, we had our feisty little mascot ‘Mr Dash’ to keep us company all week.  

We really loved everything about Paris Fashion Week, despite the rise of Covid-19 which did affect the city but never dampened our spirits or outlook for the future.

There will always be hard times that are quickly followed by good times. Sonya and I both know to stay strong in these moments and look for the light at the end of the tunnel – which always comes along no matter what.

We want to thank everyone we worked with and met at Paris Fashion Week. We hope everyone stays safe and strong; look after one another and we will see you all again in October.

Here are a few links to some brilliant creatives and business. Click on the links, follow them and give them a thumbs up. Everyone needs a little help and love right now. 🙂