Sonya and Liam laughing at an event

Luxury Slow Fashion

There has been an emergence of a new form of fashion, we call it Luxury Slow fashion. A new way of thinking or an old way of living?

There has been an emergence of a new form of fashion; some call it ‘Responsible Luxury’, others ‘Sustainable Luxury’; we call it Luxury Slow fashion.

I still remember my grandmother (in her Lancastrian accent) saying, ‘Get yourself a good, warm coat lad; something that will last’.

18 Years later, I still have my wool/cashmere black peacoat that has stood the test of time, all types weather and never been out of style.

It was an investment piece, a ‘go to’ coat for all seasons and occasions; soft, durable fabric; well-constructed that kept me warm. Sounds so simple. I didn’t mind spending a little extra for something what I knew would last.

It’s an old but fantastic concept. Invest in a wardrobe that will transcend seasons and trends. A new way of thinking or an old way of living?

When we conceptualised AVIE this became one of the core values, we had to think different, look to future ideals and stay away from fast fashion. Which might be an easier way to make quick money; but is not the lifestyle or future we want to live in.

“Luxury slow fashion is our lifestyle choice”

AVIE was a simple concept – make investment pieces from quality sustainable fabrics and work with skilled craftsmen throughout the UK & Europe. We made a collection that Sonya (our Creative Director) wanted to wear season after season.

We got to know all our suppliers & manufacturers & store owners, had dinner with them, heard their stories, journey’s and learn about their lives. We think it’s vital to know everyone who makes AVIE what it is. We are all on the journey to creating something special and a unique future.

The next time you buy an item of clothing, look at the price, material & construction and ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much did this cost to produce?
  • Are ethical working conditions provided to the workforce & paid a fair price?
  • Is the fabric from a sustainable sourced?
  • Will I want to wear this next year?

If you don’t know the answers to these, then maybe it’s time to reassess your wardrobe too. What lifestyle and future do you want?

We believe in a ‘Luxury Slow Fashion’ future and would be honoured to have you join us.

Liam & Sonya